Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My favorite cars

I thought I would get off the backpacking for a while and blog a little about my other passion, which is sports cars. I have owned an MG Midget, Triumph TR6, Datsun 240Z, 3 Mustangs including a 1965, and a 1996 Mustang GT convertible. My current car which I have recently bought is a 1983 Porsche 944. When the car came out in 1983, it was the fastest 4 cylinder production car on the market. The car is a blast to drive, but for right now it can only be driven during the day, as the headlights are not working. I have ordered a new headlight switch, which should solve the problem. I keep remembering something I read on a Porsche forum that went like this: "there is nothing more expensive than a cheap Porsche". If this is part of my midlife crisis, it is sure a fun way to spend it.

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